About the Recipes

Louis Saulnier’s Le Répertoire de la Cuisine…

Written in a distinct shorthand, the cookbook contains no measurements or photos and assumes that the reader has a relatively well-developed understanding of the basic fundamentals of culinary technique. While this may appear daunting to beginners, the lack of detailed measurements is actually quite liberating. Without the restraint of worrying about precise measurements for each ingredient, the reader is able to experiment with each recipe and, through trial and error (plenty of errors… at least in my case), come to appreciate not just the “finished product” but also the overall process of creating a dish.

The recipes we’ll post on this blog will be written in the same shorthand style. Rarely will there be any measurements for ingredients other than cooking time (unless absolutely necessary e.g. baking). This is to give the reader the utmost freedom towards developing their own instincts and (hopefully) to have fun with the process of cooking. We will try to keep the techniques in each posting as simple as possible and each recipe requires no more than several ingredients. No fancy garnishes (e.g. micro-greens). No nonsense.

Bon Appetit!


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