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Party Eggs

Party Eggs
Fun, Looks Impressive… but time consuming

I made these for one of the Wine Parties we hosted at home (btw, groupon had the craziest deal. PRP rep who answered all your questions (who was cute gal, our age, and drank with us) + 8 bottles of wine for about $50… As a result,  I ended up buying couple hundred dollars of wine super wasted.. nevertheless it was a great deal and had a blast)

Hard boil some eggs and cut in half (long ways)
Spoon out the yolk, be careful not to break the white.
Place all the yolk in a bowl
Cut celery in small pieces (adds texture and crunch)
Mix celery with yolk and add a little bit of mayo and crushed black peppers to taste
Be creative and add whatever you want to this mix like I did below (pesto, cumin/curry, seafood, spicy)
Top with garnish of your choice and serve!

ABOVE: Italian… Added pesto and mac nuts to the yolk mix, topped with prosciutto, tomato, and dill

ABOVE: Curry…. Added cumin to the yolk (curry powder would be great), topped with more cumin and dill

ABOVE: Seafood… Added extra mayo to the yolk mix for more creaminess and pieces of crab. Topped with more crab and pepper.

ABOVE: Spicy… Added Siracha sauce to yolk mix. Topped with Prosciutto, Paprika and Siracha

Went great with wine and something to munch on while you’re chatting and drinking.
Requires a good amount of prep time though, Enjoy!


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