Kenzo Winery (Napa Valley)

21 Jul

Kenzo Estate Winery – Napa Valley

Out of all the choices, my parents were adamant about visiting this winery because they can give the entire tour in Japanese lol. But honestly, this was an impressive tour and our family had the tour guide all to ourselves. The tour experience was very intimate, casual, and informative.

Kenzo wines are up and coming high end wines. It’s still rare to see them at most restaurants and they are relatively on the pricey side. About this Tsujimoto Kenzo… let me just say that he is quite gangster. Not only is he a successful business man as the CEO of Capcom, but he is also a ridiculous connoisseur of wines. Most people would go to their local liquor store to get a bottle of wine on sale for $7. Not for Mr. Kenzo. You know what he did? He just went “screw these wines on the market! I’ll just get all the experts together and make my own good shit!” and went on to make his own winery in Napa Valley. One of the most important people in the gaming industry with your very own wine label… Mr Kenzo, I look up to you as my role model.


The four wines currently out on the market.Image

Outside the lobby area. Looks like a nice place lunch.Image

Baby grapesImage

Tour guide explaining how gangster Mr. Kenzo is.Image

The Merlot grape batch with the lot number.Image

These vines are still very young.Image

Primary FermentationImage

Olive Tree: He makes his own olive oil on the side.Image

Primary FermentationImage

I believe this equipment presses on the grapes after the fermentation to get more juice out.Image

The humidity and climate controlled caveImage

Where all the barrels are keptImage

“M” means Medium toasted barrel.Image

“M+” means the barrel is highly toasted.

My future home will have a cave with barrels of wine like this.Image

Wine tasting roomImage

The base of the glass is labeled with the name of the wine. Naturally, this is when the purchase order form comes out if you want to enjoy it in your hotel room.Image

Awesome scenery to enjoy wine.Image

That concluded the Kenzo Winery. Couple others we visited below.

Robert Mondavi WineryImage

Opus One Winery (if you never had it, try it… so awesome)ImageImage-Chef Snak


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