21 Jul

Craft (Century City, chef Tom Colicchio): Gilt Tasting Menu

This high-end restaurant is in the heart of Century City, so expect people in professional business attire. We tried out the pre-set Gilt Tasting Menu (Highly recommend! Awesome deal for your buck)

Meal starts off with some sparkling wine. Aweeesome, I love starting all my meals with a glass of booze.


Gilt Tasting Menu. The menu has our names on it! How freakin cool is that!?Image

Amuse Bouche: Salmon with citrus zest. sweet and sour dish that complimented our sparkling wine.Image

Duck and Cover: Duck fat washed Apple Jack, Alpine Liquor, Lemon, Orange, Egg White, and Candied Pecan. (I got too excited and I realized I didn’t take a photo of it before I drank it..) I usually don’t like drinks with egg whites, but this was an exception. Sweet and tart apple flavored cocktail with a crunch of pecan at the end. Not many cocktails incorporate textures like this. We described it as “some bad ass apple pie” lolImage

Diver Sea Scallop with rhubarb, blood orange, and sorrel: The bitter green contrasted the sweet orange. The sauce was great, but the scallop had a hint of the raw fishy taste at the end.. which I didn’t like too much.Image

English Pea Agnolotti with pancetta and tendrils: Pasta was at perfect al dente and the pancetta was well seasoned. The warm pasta withered the greens and the fresh peas popped in the mouth. This was delicious!Image

Washugyu Flatiron with bone marrow custard, fava beans, and kale: I know, horrible photo… but the dish was great. Bone marrow custard was super rich and it was an amazing combination with the steak. Image

Banana Date Cake with bing cherries and coconut sorbet: Mmmm..Image

Complimentary Birthday Cake: that’s nice of them!Image

Thanks for grabbing this deal, Shirley!Image-Chef Snak


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