Homebrew Beer: Part 3

14 Jul

Homebrew Beer: Part 3
Secondary Fermentation

They say this is an optional process, but in my opinion very critical if you want a smoother beer with better flavor and less sediments. Trust, it’s worth the time and additional effort.

Let’s begin.

Start by sanitizing your glass Carboy, siphon, and all your equipment. Remember everything that the beer touches at this point needs to be sanitized. You will siphon the beer out of your primary fermentation bucket to this glass Carboy.

Siphoning the beer from Primary Fermenation Bucket to the Carboy. IMPORTANT: Try not to splash the beer during this step! Unlike the primary fermentation when you want air in the mixture for the yeast, AIR = BAD during this step. You will lose some carbonation and your beer will be flat.

Isn’t this FUN!!! lol

Thank you roomie for taking photos while I’m trying not to splash the beer

Alrite! That was easy. Put the Cap and Air Stopper on the Carboy and leave it for couple weeks. Sediments and yeast will settle on the bottom. Flavor will mature and alcohol will further develop now that we aggravated the yeast. Part 4 will be Bottling.

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Posted by on July 14, 2011 in Chef Snak, Everything Alcohol


One response to “Homebrew Beer: Part 3

  1. Anonymous

    July 18, 2011 at 12:58 am

    is the beer that color because it hasn’t been filtered?


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