Chef Snak’s Rib Eye Steak (Medium Rare)

14 Jul

Simple Rib Eye Steak
Yea, I think I got this down yo

Self explanatory title. Enjoy the photos 😉

Salted and seasoned the night before. This will allow the salt to penetrate into the meat, not only the surface. If you don’t have enough time, do it RIGHT before you sear it. Sprinkle sugar on the meat right before searing to add flavor and nice brown caramelized coat.

Heat the skillet, oil the surface, add garlic. Let the garlic flavor fuse into the oil. Melt some butter.

Let it sizzle baby~

Make sure you get the fatty periphery.

DO NOT BE A NOOB AND CUT INTO IT RIGHT AWAY!! The meat will bleed and all the valuable juices will spread on your counter top instead of your mouth. Let it chill for couple minutes.

Holy shit… thats beautiful 😀

OK the presentation sucks here, but deglazed the skillet and created balsamic vinaigrette reduction sauce with the leftover garlic/butter/steak juice.


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Posted by on July 14, 2011 in Chef Snak, Home Cooking


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