10 Jul

This is my play on Chiptole barboacoa meat. This is one of my favorite meats so I decided to do a little experimenting on my own.

What You’ll Need
Chuck Roast (any beef roast/stew meat will do. However its usually cheaper to buy a whole roast rather than already prepped stew meat.)
Canned Chipotle peppers
apple cider vinegar
Garlic Salt
Beef Stock
Dutch oven or stock pot

Chipotle Sauce
Combine Chipotle peppers, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, vinegar and blend.

Cooking the meat
Season meat with garlic salt and pepper
Sear and remove meat from pan
*if using stew meat just sear each piece
Deglaze with 2 cans of beef stock and about 2 cans of water and combine chipotle sauce
Add onion, celery, lemon, and garlic to broth
Add meat back into pot.
Cover and cook on low heat (should be at a low rolling boil) until fork tender. Meat should easily shred
*I cooked about a 4 lb roast for approximately 4 hours
*meat should be covered in braising liquid. Add more water/stock accordingly
*if you are using a crock pot, adjust cooking times accordingly
Remove meat from pot and shred. Add remaining cooking juices as desired
Top with grilled onions and enjoy!

-Chef Toast


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