Poached Chicken for Breakfast?

22 Jun

This technique is similar to the one my mom uses for Hainan Chicken:

SEASON chicken breasts with salt + pepper + coffee + cilantro + Maggi seasoning (although you can play around with whatever mix of ingredients you want… e.g. ginger + scallion + red chili pepper or lemon + thyme works really well also)

ROLL tightly with saran wrap and twist ends to seal…

MARINATE overnight…

BOIL one pot of water and place chicken breasts inside the pot…

COVER pot with lid and turn off the heat…

COOK chicken breasts for at least 30 minutes…

SERVE with poached egg (don’t forget to use vinegar in the poaching liquid to keep the egg whites intact)…

If you haven’t poached an egg before… here is a pretty good tutorial:


SERVE with fried egg and heirloom tomatoes (by far the tastiest tomatoes on the market)…


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Posted by on June 22, 2011 in Chef Blau, Home Cooking


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