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Poached Chicken for Breakfast?

This technique is similar to the one my mom uses for Hainan Chicken:

SEASON chicken breasts with salt + pepper + coffee + cilantro + Maggi seasoning (although you can play around with whatever mix of ingredients you want… e.g. ginger + scallion + red chili pepper or lemon + thyme works really well also)

ROLL tightly with saran wrap and twist ends to seal…

MARINATE overnight…

BOIL one pot of water and place chicken breasts inside the pot…

COVER pot with lid and turn off the heat…

COOK chicken breasts for at least 30 minutes…

SERVE with poached egg (don’t forget to use vinegar in the poaching liquid to keep the egg whites intact)…

If you haven’t poached an egg before… here is a pretty good tutorial:


SERVE with fried egg and heirloom tomatoes (by far the tastiest tomatoes on the market)…


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Cocktail Hunt: Alibi Room

Cocktail Hunt: Alibi Room

LEFT: Blackberry Crusta -Brandy, fresh lemon and blackberries, Cointreau
Initial bite of the brandy but immediately covered by the sugar rim and orange liquor. Definitely had a strong distinct taste. Bitterness of the citrus and the blackberry tartness aftertaste. 8.0/10

RIGHT: Tribute – Scotch, Dubbonet Rouge, fresh orange, bitters
Surprisingly no bite. You get the bitterness of the orange and the smokiness and the sweetness of scotch and the orange liquor. Bitter and slightly sweet experience.  7.5/10
Dubbonet Rouge was unique to me. Bartender let me try it by itself. Rouge alone was really sweet, almost like plum wine (umeshu). Reminded me of raisins lol.

LEFT: Lemon Basil – Citrus infused vodka, sugar, fresh lemon and basil.
Light cocktail that tastes like lemonade with a hint of basil. Very refreshing drink that would be perfect for outdoors! 8.5/10

RIGHT: Goldrush – Bourbon, fresh lemon, honey
Initial sweet and sour flavor of the lemon and you’re immediately hit with the smokiness and sweetness of bourbon. You even get the hint of honey on the back of your throat (like how you do with honey tea). Simple yet unique, Like! 9.0/10

-Buzzin Snak


Bacon Pork

What You’ll Need:

Pork Loin
Bacon (I used maple)
Roasting Pan

Prepping the Meat
Layer bacon on cutting board with each piece overlapping slightly
Season pork loin with salt and pepper
place pork loin in the middle of bacon
wrap bacon around the loin (the fattiness from the bacon keeps the pork loin moist)

Cooking instructions
Preheat oven at 350
roast loin for approx 1.5 hrs.  (I had a 3lb roast)
Let rest for 30 min and slice

I ate mine with sauteed brown mushrooms.


-Chef Toast



Broiled Rainbow Trout with Toasted Radish…

The cast iron skillet is slowly becoming my favorite kitchen tool (sorry pressure cooker)… Amazingly versatile and it only gets better with time… SET oven to broil…

SLICE thinly: lemon zest + radishes (save the tops) + lemon…

CHOP garlic + parsley + shallot…

WRAP in aluminum foil 1 tbsp of butter, chopped garlic + parsley + shallot, lemon juice, and sliced radishes…

TOAST for ten minutes in toaster over…

HEAT cast iron skillet on stove for ten minutes or until the skillet begins to smoke…

SAUTÉE radish tops with olive oil + salt + pepper + lemon juice for one minute and set it aside in a bowl…

SEASON trout with salt + pepper + vegetable oil…

STUFF trout with fresh dill and some lemon zest…

ADD vegetable oil to the pan to prevent trout from sticking (do not use olive oil because it has a much lower smoke point and will turn black easily from the hot skillet)…

SEAR both sides of the trout in the cast iron skillet approx. 1 minute per side and set aside on a plate…

COVER bottom of pan with lemon slices + parsley + dill…

ADD trout and top with more parsley + dill + lemon zest + salt + pepper…

BROIL in oven for approx. 4-5 minutes (depending on the size of your fish)…

SERVE with toasted radish + sautéed radish tops + chopped dill + a squeeze of lemon…


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Homebrew Beer: Part 2

Homebrew Beer: Part 2
Making the Wort and Primary Fermentation

OK let’s get started.

You need a giant pot (above, aluminum 20 quart) and brew water (6 gallons of water to make 5 gallons of beer)

Start boiling water. Be careful with aluminum pots, make sure it’s clean and don’t scrub it prior to boiling.

Me being ridiculous and holding the Malt Extract.

When you start to see bubbles, turn off heat and dump in the extract. Above is powder malt extract.

I also had the liquid Malt Extract. Just dump everything in, and watch for boil overs.


Start the heat again and remove the stuff that floats on top.

Stir occasionally.

You may need to cover the pot to start the boil.

Once it starts boiling, put in the hops and boil for an hour.

This is now called a “Wort” – Beer without the alcohol and carbonation.
I didn’t take photos of the sanitation process (rather boring) but after you boil your wort, it is crucial to keep all your equipment sanitized. Any bacteria that gets in your brew will ruin in the entire batch during the fermentation phase.

Immediately cool the pot with the wort in a tub or sink. When the pot is cool to the touch, pour it in the primary fermentation bucket.

Place the cover and put on the air lock. Use vodka instead of water for sanitary reasons.
Thats all for Part 2! Now we wait 3-5 days and next is Secondary Fermentation.

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Negra Modelo braised Short Ribs

Negra Modelo braised Short Ribs
Inspired by Border Grill

I had a bite of this at Border Grill (Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica) and I had to recreate it.

– Heat frying pan with oil, season short ribs, and brown meat with minced garlic (DONT wash your pan, you’ll need it later)
– Pressure cook short ribs with Negra Modelo
– Pour the liquid from the pressure cooker to the same pan you browned your meat
– Simmer and reduce sauce and add pepper to taste
– Serve on a bed of sauteed onions with sauce.

Best part is that you have some beer to drink with your meal! Try it


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Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

COOK spaghetti noodles until just barely al dente (Spaghetti Rigati used in this recipe) and set aside after draining and running under cold water…

SAUTÉE garlic + chili pepper + parsley stems (chopped) + salt + pepper…

ADD ground sirloin (80% lean + 20% fat used here) + chopped thyme and cook on medium heat until brown (can also add chopped oregano)…

SEASON again with salt + pepper…

ADD one can of whole plum tomatoes and cut each tomato into smaller pieces using kitchen shears…

REDUCE until liquid in pan goes down by half and continue mixing/breaking meat into smaller pieces…

ADD Spaghetti and continue to cook until noodles are al dente…

TOP with chopped parsley and shaved parmesan….


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