Homebrew Beer: Part 1

24 May

Homebrew Beer: Part 1

Decided to attempt a relatively easier (and happens to be one of my fav) brew for my first attempt; Hefeweizen!

Ingredients that make up the Hef.
Malt (dry and syrup shown above)
Bottled Water

Priming Sugar: You will use this prior to bottling (after the Secondary Fermentation that I will get into later)

Starting kit from Culver City Brewing Home Brewing Supply.
What you see is (from the left) Primary Fermentation Bucket, cleaning brushes, Iodophor (to sanitize equipment), Large metal spoon, small and big strainer, bottle caper, Auto-Siphon, Turkey Baster (to read the gravity of your beer), and a thermometer . Missing from the photo is a glass Carboy used for Secondary Fermentation and the Air lock and stopper for the bucket and carboy. I also had to purchase a large Brew Kettle (min 20 quarts) separately.
Read the instructions carefully and get ready to Brew!
Up next, Homebrew Beer Part 2: Making Wort and Primary Fermentation.

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