Grape infused Vodka Martini

26 Apr

Grape Infused Vodka
Simple and beautiful

I tried many different vodkas for my cocktails and for my infusion experiments and I would say the the BEST vodka for your buck is Smirnoff Triple Distilled. Relatively cheap (<$20 a handle at Costco), you can find it at any store that his liquor, and tastes great! Don’t recommend Sky unless you like the ‘bite’ aftertaste of vodka. Yeah, occasionally you can treat yourself to the nicer Vodkas (Goose, Belvedere, etc.) and yea you’ll look hella ballin busting out the expensive bottles, but unless you’re just taking shots from the bottle, you’re going to mask most of the alcohol you’re spending big bucks on anyway. Don’t be stupid, stick with Smirnoff.

Experimented with asian grapes that I bought at 99 Ranch. Recommend these asian grapes – they were sweet, bursting with juice, and especially because it was a looot easier to remove the skin. For grape infusions, you want to remove the skin unless you want it bitter.

Infusion for a week gave it a wonderful grape scent and sweetness. Barely tasted the bite from the vodka by itself. Lots of the vodka gets soaked into the fruit, so give it a good squeeze before you toss the fruit (yeah, you don’t want to eat these.. you can try and you’ll know why)

Grape Infused Vodka + splash Sweet & Sour + lime juice + optional splash club soda + grape garnish.
Shaken and strained into martini glass. Enjoy!


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Posted by on April 26, 2011 in Chef Snak, Everything Alcohol


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